What is DAOCrossing?

In General, DAOCrossing is...
Let's remove the buzzword and show you what it really is! 

We use Namecard to visualize DAO contributors' credibility by pulling the transactions between the user's wallet address and DAO's treasury wallet address from the blockchain to calculate a user's XP level. 
In addition, we will allow DAO founders and guild leaders to create, mint, and distribute Badges to their core contributors. 
Users can also add Collectibles they own to showcase the values they support. And they can add other contributors' Namecard to their own collection.
We also have an in-game shop where users can buy clothes and decorations to customize their avatar as well as their rooms. 
Every time users received XPs, we will be dropping some of our in-game token Marbel for users to buy the stuff they want. Marbel can also be bought directly by the users. 

In addition, users are able to customize and mint their avatar as NFT with other information such as their XPs to showcase their personalities, identities, and experiences as DAO contributors. 
Let's take a look at the room for the DAO contributor!
We often said that one can tell more about a person by looking at their refrigerator or bookshelf, and this is the case here for the room. Other users will be able to visit the room of other DAO contributors and know more about that person as a specific human being than just an avatar and some numbers. 
Not content with just a room? Here's the exciting part, users can exit the door to explore the DAO Gaia and each individual DAO park within the Gaia and hang out with people in their own DAO communities. 
DAO Park: We all know that discord can be overwhelming, so each DAO will be able to design and build its own space for easier navigation. 

DAO Gaia: A complete map for established DAOs so users could jump into the DAO Park and hang out in their spaces. 
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