It all starts with a Hackathon...
In the passing EthNYC Hackathon, I and Nico teamed up together and created this prototype called DAODash. Later it was renamed to DAOCrossing after we showed it to one of the Gnosis Chain people in the hackathon. We also showed it to Covalent and other sponsors at the hackathon and they all really love the idea, as result, we got two sponsor prizes and started our developing journey.
Click here to see our original demo deck.
Then we decided to continue our journey...
We made more cool assets and migrate our project to Unity. We made a store where users can exchange assets to decorate their own avatar as well as their own room. In addition, users are also able to mint their customized avatar as NFT.
Developing Unity games in this new web3 framework is hard, so we decide to give back to the community by starting a DevLog for other web3 Dapp developers to learn as well.

Building a DAO tooling product is a big goal. We want to divide it into small goals, celebrate it and get feedback from our audiences. There is so much potential for what DAOCrossing could become. For example, as we talked to different DAO founders, we heard ideas such as building a DAO union, making DAO health metrics, or make an NFT event ticketing function, etc. At the current stage, we are trying to apply for funds so we could be supported to develop more interesting functions for DAO contributors. 
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