We are officially alive on Juicebox 
and Gitcoin​​​​​​​
*Individual donors recommend using Juicebox (see below for how to use it)*

Wait but who are we? 
"Hi, I'm Lucy. I'm passionate about community building and web3 technology. Currently building anything that could make DAO participation fun. I'm a 706 NY Co-living host. Former depressed corporate slave, and former desert dweller (Mars College 2022 participant). Moving through different IRL DAO communities. Hunting raw human experiences for fun, and always looking for high-quality human interaction and alternative ways of living." 

"Hi, I'm Nico, I'm a game developer, digital artist, and vibe engineer. I'm one of the councils at CityDAO. 100% organic party animal 🌈🔮🕹️. I like to build eco-villages both in the metaverse and in real life. Check out my project Agartha!
New to Juicebox? We got you covered!
In short, Juicebox is a crowdfunding platform based on web3, just like Kickstart in web2. After login in with your wallet address, you can support the project creator with any amount you wish, and receive a certain amount of tokens in return. The use of tokens will be determined by the project creator including but not limited to governance votes, future drops of NFTs, in-game tokens, merchants, etc. 
For this project, we have the following configuration:
Automatic Funding Cycle for every 7 days, with a limit of withdrawal of $5000 per funding cycle. This means that every 7 days, the DAOCrossing team will get $5000 at maximum from all the funds available at the time. This ensures that we are well supported for the project but also makes sure that we don't spend everything all at once. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Our DAOCrossing Genesis Coin

Okay, I get it, but what perks do I get from THIS project?
Everyone who contributed over 0.1 ETH will get physical stickers from DAOCrossing groups after the funding reaches the first $5000. We will do other merch and drops after the next $5000, and next, etc. 
Additionally, we will upload a DevLog about how we develop our Unity game in web3 on a bi-weekly basis in order to give back to the community of Unity game developers. Check out our Youtube Channel!
At the same time, when the game finally launched, all people who contributed to the project will receive in-game tokens proportional to their contribution

What we are NOT promising
As much as we want it to succeed, we do not promise the final delivery of our product. That's why we limited our fund for each funding cycle to a maximum of $5000. The money is merely to support our team to develop the game full-time. We will, however, update our progress on a weekly basis and deploy our game whenever there are any new updates. In this way, people can play and see the growth of the game as days come by.
Our first prototype will be released soon (around Aug.23rd) where people can make customized in-game avatars and mint it on the Rinkeby test net. Please join our discord server for the latest updates! 
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